Thailand: Reduced quarantine duration, opening date for Bangkok set for 1 November

Datum: 27. September 2021 15:55

At a meeting of the "Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration", the following changes were adopted on 27 September:

From 1 October, the quarantine period will be reduced to 7 days (previously 14 days) for vaccinated travellers entering the country. Unvaccinated travellers will have to undergo a 10-day quarantine period if they enter by air or sea and 14 days if they enter by land. From 1 November, the quarantine period will be waived for fully vaccinated persons if they enter via the cities of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Hua Hin or Krabi, among others.

On 1 November, the entry to Bangkok, as well as 9 other tourist destinations is again possible.

Relaxations in all dark red zones of Thailand come into effect on 01.10. Among other things, the curfew is reduced by one hour (9 pm to 4 am), many recreational and educational facilities such as cinemas and museums are allowed to re-open, businesses with body-related services such as tattooists, and beauty salons are allowed to operate again.

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