Europe: EU Commission plans to shorten the validity of the EU certificate

Datum: 25. November 2021 16:57

The European Union wants to propose to its member states to shorten the validity of the EU digital certificate. In the future, this certificate will no longer be valid for one year, but only for nine months after the complete vaccination. The reason given by the EU Commission is the decreasing effectiveness of vaccines. The digital passport is necessary for entry within the EU. In addition, all vaccines approved by the WHO are to be recognised from 10 January 2022. However, anyone entering the country with a vaccine other than those currently approved by the EU should present a negative PCR test as an additional protective measure. Also under discussion, according to media reports, is the abolition of the so-called "white list" from 1 March 2022, i.e. the list of countries from which travellers are allowed to enter EU countries regardless of their vaccination status. From March next year, only vaccinated and recovered persons will be allowed to enter the EU.

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