Germany: Since 3 April, only basic protection measures in almost all federal states

Datum: 4. April 2022 10:22

After the expiry of the transitional period that was possible until 2 April, the so-called basic protection measures stipulated in the new Infection Protection Act have been in force in almost all federal states since 3 April.These include an extensive elimination of all access rules (3G, 2G, 2G-plus) and all restrictions at private meetings and public events. Test certificates are now only required in health care facilities such as doctors' surgeries, hospitals or nursing homes. A mask obligation only applies in public transport, in health care facilities and in certain shared accommodation. Retailers or restaurateurs can, however, make use of their domiciliary rights and maintain rules such as the mask requirement. Individual federal states can also enact stricter measures regionally within the framework of the hotspot regulation. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, for example, has largely extended its previously applicable measures for all districts and independent cities for the time being, including the 3G rule that applies in some areas. In Hamburg, too, masks are still mandatory in many indoor areas and 2G-plus in clubs.

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