Germany: Corona tests no longer free of charge for unvaccinated from mid-October

Datum: 10. August 2021 16:46

Unvaccinated people are to pay for their own Corona rapid tests from 11 October onwards. According to media reports, Chancellor Angela Merkel and the state premiers agreed on this today, Tuesday (10 August). Exceptions are to apply to persons who - e.g. for health reasons - cannot be vaccinated or for whom no vaccination recommendation exists (in particular pregnant women as well as children and young people under 18 years). Since March 2021, citizens have been able to get tested free of charge. The measure is aimed at increasing the willingness to be vaccinated in Germany, as unvaccinated or recovering individuals are required to present a negative test result in many areas of public life, such as when staying in hotels for tourists, attending events or going to the cinema or gym.

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