Germany: Antigen rapid tests no longer generally free of charge as of today (11 October)

Datum: 11. Oktober 2021 11:18

As of today, 11 October, so-called citizen tests are no longer free of charge in Germany, which means that anyone who needs a negative rapid antigen test, for example, for a visit to a restaurant or a trip abroad, must pay the costs themselves. Exceptions apply to people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and to children under the age of 12. Also, persons who have been quarantined due to proven infection with coronavirus may be tested free of charge if testing is required to end the seclusion. Furthermore, transitional arrangements are in place until 31 December for pregnant women and for adolescents between 12 - 17 years of age; they, too, can have at least one free test per week until the end of the year. The costs for the tests can be determined by the test centers themselves. For more information on the regulations in effect as of today, click here.

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