Germany: 3G rule as of today nationwide in many areas

Datum: 23. August 2021 08:20

As decided at the Minister Presidents' Conference on 10 August, the 3G rule (vaccinated, recovered, tested) applies in many areas throughout Germany as of today (23 August), i.e. anyone who has not been fully vaccinated and is not considered recovered will in many cases require either a rapid antigen test (maximum 24 hours old) or a PCR test (maximum 48 hours old) to access hospitals, retirement and nursing homes, indoor hospitality, events and festivals, but also to visit the hairdresser or beauty salon. Negative test evidence must also be provided when practising sports indoors, such as in a gym or swimming pool. Children up to the age of 6 and schoolchildren are exempt, as they are tested regularly anyway as part of their school attendance. In some federal states, including North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse and Baden-Wurttemberg, a PCR test is even compulsory in some areas, such as clubs and discos.

However, counties and independent cities can suspend this regulation in case of low infection numbers, such as a 7-day incidence below 35.

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